Friday, 25 August 2017

REVIEW: Paper Mario Colour Splash (Wii U)

Originally written on October 15th 2016, never published

There is an undeniable amount of pressure on Nintendo’s part when it comes to creating new Paper Mario games and if you ever played The Thousand Year Door, you’ll no doubt understand why. Regarded as the best game in the series, it’s definitely been hard for Nintendo to create a Paper Mario game that comes close since… Until now, that is, with the release of Paper Mario Colour Splash on the Nintendo Wii U.

It follows the story of Mario in adorable paper form after he receives a mysterious letter from Prism Island, a beautiful destination famous for its beautiful colour fountain. 

Upon arrival, Mario and friends discover that the island is empty and its fountain’s colours have been stolen, causing the island to be drained of its colour. It is up to Mario to save the day and armed with his sidekick Huey, a boisterous but charming paint can whose mission is to help Mario restore Prism Island to its former glory with paint, he sets off on his adventure.

There are various different levels in the game which are accessible from an overworld map, each beautifully designed and full of charm. From restoring colour to drained objects with the use of paint and solving various puzzles, to fighting various enemies and bosses, there is definitely a lot of fun to be had. The humour in Paper Mario: Colour Splash is incredibly charming too, with a whole hog of little jokes and gags thrown into the dialogue, which makes for a delightful read.

Mario has a paint meter which drains every time you use his Paint Hammer to restore colours to drained objects and in order to fill it back up, you must smash various objects scattered throughout the worlds. The paint meter is surprisingly easy to manage compared to the same type of meter in other games. You also use it in battle.

The game’s turn-based battle system, whilst a great idea, is rather drab and can be an annoyance. Mario has a deck of battle cards, each with a different function, and in order to use them, he must fill up a card with colour from the paint meter. 

This causes the meter to run out quickly, especially if there are a lot of enemies which can be frustrating. Each battle card can only be used once but not to worry as cards are be collected as you journey around the island so it’s easy to restock again.

Accompanied with a stunning orchestral soundtrack and beautiful graphics, Paper Mario: Colour Splash is just an absolute delight to play. It definitely harnesses the full potential of the Wii U and also runs at a perfect framerate throughout.

Is the game worth the £39.99 price tag? The only downside is the basic battle system but it’s definitely immensely enjoyable regardless so if you’re looking for a fun action-adventure title with a brilliant storyline to sink time into, definitely.

Paper Mario: Colour Splash is out now for the Nintendo Wii U.

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